Decorative mosaic with dynamic effect
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Decorative pannels

Decorative panels are an easy solution as both precasting retaining wall and adorning the interior and exterior walls .

This type of product is monochrome, but it can later be manually painted in different colors, as opposed to the mosaic tiles that are each mass colored .

Molds for casting these panels are reusable , which amortizes the cost of a matrix.

Our range of molds is divided into two categories:

- Matrices for printed pannels (the thickness of the relief up to 1.5 cm) used for casting the walls used as lost formwork for casting concrete in structural elements of the building.

- Matrices for decorative reliefs (the thickness of the relief up to 3 cm) Serving as casting formwork for reusable decorative elements then applied to the structural walls of the building with glue .

Products made with our matrices are divided into two categories , depending on the technology used :

- Simple models are reliefs or engravings with a high degree of customization.

- Dynamic models are photo-engraved panels that use an innovative technology. Specially designed engravings create a self-shadowing effect in some places and generate a play of shadows and light. Looking from one angle or another , the pattern becomes more or less visible, also taking into account the position of the light source.

The technology that allows this photogravure was produced in collaboration with The Institute of Image Arts and Crafts ParisTech . Together, we have developed software to identify shades of gray and execute engravings in the dark places of the image based on the intensity of the shades and contrast. Then these data are transmitted to the special CNC milling machines .

The applications of this technology are virtually limitless, as it is possible to use for designing the matrices, any kind of quality image in standard graphical format.

The size of these molds are usually limited by transportation options , the maximum size of the material plate and the maximum area of the CNC machine. Currently , we produce panels of 3 x 5 m. It is possible to combine them to cover large areas, taking into account the joint lines (barely visible ) that will occur.

The advantages of the use of such decorations are given by:

- Durability of the material (if using a high-performance concrete).

- Resistance to weather and temperature differences .

- Possibility of surface treatment with certain substances (paint) which confers resistance to mold and fungus .

- Non-swelling and non-flaking.

- Fireproof.