Decorative mosaic with dynamic effect
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About us

MOSAIC DE LUX is a company under an exclusive license from the french company Mosaic Dynamique, established in Bucharest in the Business Incubator Center, whose main activity is the design and manufacture of molds for mosaics and 3D photorealistic and customizable decorations - thanks to our innovative processes.

The french company Mosaic Dynamique, based in Dijon, is the patent owner of the innovative mosaics and decorations. With the support of the Institute of Image Arts and Crafts PARISTECH, research in the field of virtual reality have been made. During these studies was developed a prototype software that enables the 3D display of mosaics and decorative panels, a software that is free to download from this website.

In this phase of evolution of our company, we sell molds for making decorative panels and collaborate with the french company Mosaique Dynamique to complete the dynamic 3D mosaic prototypes. Their marketing is the next phase of development of our company.

Strong links with France and the 20 years of professional experience in the construction industry (which gave us a good knowledge of the various materials and their use ) are the foundation of our success to offer you our products, and in the near future, unique in the world and top quality 3D mosaics.

MOSAIC DE LUX works by under license obtained exclusively from Mosaique Dynamique for the following countries: Romania , Moldavia, Turkey, Greece , Serbia , Hungary , Slovenia , Austria.